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Dear Chairman WANG Xingjie, 

Dear President Anke XUE, 

Dear Deans of the faculties, 

Dear Professors and Colleagues, 

Honored members of the assistance

  It is my pleasure and honor to be here on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Hangzhou Dianzi University. I would first like to thank you for the kind invitation and the opportunity to say a few words today.

  I am the current President of Université Paris Descartes, a leading multidisciplinary French university, the largest and the best in France in the field of Health and Medical sciences, inherited from the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Sorbonne in Paris.

  As all higher education institutions worldwide, my university has a significant number of academic partnerships in many countries, with many other universities, but the one we have with Hangzhou Dianzi University is very special both to Paris Descartes University and to myself, which is why I wanted to come today in person to honor this beautiful and historic celebration for you.

  Hangzhou Dianzi University is highly renowned for its outstanding expertise in engineering, economics, sciences, and arts. It promotes the sense of entrepreneurship within its students and professors, with extraordinary achievements such as the Alibaba success (Jack Ma, Chair of Alibaba was a teacher at HDU!). With Hangzhou Dianzi University, we share the same ideas that education and research are essential pillars of our nations’ future and that empowering our students to reach new frontiers and to take new paths is the key to the success of the new generations.

  Four years ago, Hangzhou Dianzi University and Paris Descartes University started a common master program and shared research projects in biomedical engineering. We jointly believe that the crossroads between medicine, biomedical sciences and engineering will be a major topic of tomorrow’s economy and health issues in all developed countries. The world population is ageing and will be in growing need of devices to maintain and improve its health and its quality of life. I believe that sharing our expertise in this fast growing area will benefit both of us and that this is an important strategic move for our two institutions. It will also help to make the world better for future generations.

  Promoting student and professor mobility is the cornerstone of the tightening of academic relations and future partnerships. In addition to the direct returns for both our common research and education on specific projects, there is also an enormous intellectual interest in such international cooperations, as they foster a better mutual understanding of our two cultures, which have very ancient roots and a long-standing and rich history, both in China and in France. The differences between of our two cultures are not to be seen as an obstacle, but as a major opportunity. By confronting different views, new ideas emerge and innovation is often promoted. I strongly believe that cooperation between Hangzhou Dianzi University and Paris Descartes University will allow both of us to go much further than we could have each achieved on our own.

  After almost four years of common work, we already have some very positive feedbacks from the Chinese-French exchanges that have been conducted so far. Students have travelled and returned, professors have worked in both countries. I am truly delighted at the turn of things and want to take this opportunity to thank all those who were involved in setting this up and making it work. Our partnership was recently made even more official through the granting of a learning agreement signed under the auspices of the Chinese Ministry for higher education. This is a very important recognition for the work done and for our common achievements. Through this collaboration, our university is indeed extremely happy to benefit from the experience of Hangzhou Dianzi University in the field of engineering.

  I came here four years ago to establish a strong partnership between our two universities, which has developed extremely positively. We wish that this continues in the years to come. Through the common regular contacts that we have maintained over this time, I also believe that cooperation has grown into a true friendship and it is also as a friend that I wanted to come here on this very special occasion. As a symbol of our friendship and of our common confidence in the future, with president Xue, I have planted a tree here on your campus four years ago. It will continue to be the evidence of this fruitful partnership for the years to come.

  Sixty years is a great anniversary. Sixty is the age of maturity, the age of experience, sixty is a lucky number. Université Paris Descartes wishes all the best to Hangzhou Dianzi University for its next sixty years.

  See you in 2076 !